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The different selection  of flavors at the 32 Below Ice Cream Shop are made of natural ingredients which brings out the finest flavor in every scoop of our ice cream. We support locally sourced cream from Upstate Dairy.  The fruit is fresh or frozen and candies used are quality name brands. We live by the motto “less is more” and every ice cream or Italian ice has less than 5 recognizable ingredients.

32 Below Ice Cream Shop specializes in Small Batch Homemade Ice Cream.  Each batch makes 1.5 gallons of premium ice cream, gelato, sherbet or Italian ice. We have a fan favorite selection of flavors that you will surely love, as well as, a weekly flavor of the week. 

We pride ourselves in serving the only Small Batch Homemade Ice Cream in our surrounding area.  We look forward to meeting you at the window.

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